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Running 26.2 miles in over 80 degrees

ImageDanya Crawford – ran the Boston Marathon on April 16, 2012 with a finishing time of 3:21:00
“I don’t blog and very rarely post on Facebook but I ran a marathon today, the temperatures were in the high 80s the entire time. I feel like it would be fun to share what I learned, so for all you runners out there here are the things I did and as a result had a really good time.” – Danya
  1. Hydrate and consume more salt then usual the couple days before the marathon.
  2. Adjust your goals pick another race a few months down the road and use this one as a training run.
  3. Adjust your pace, I went just over a min slower than race pace and it felt really good.
  4. Walk through EVERY water stop and consume a little Gatorade and water. P.S when you feel like the Gatorade is going to make you vomit that’s when you need to drink it most (small sips).
  5. I took a gel about every 30 to 45min, I didn’t consume the entire gel but I feel like a little bit often is a good thing.
  6. I also took a supplement called Sport Legs an hour before and one hour into the marathon. I didn’t suffer from any cramping which has been a struggle for me in the past.
  7. Put glide all over your feet to prevent blisters (you will be dumping a lot of water over your head so your feet will be a lot wetter than normal).
  8. Don’t start day dreaming at mile 6 about how great it would be to still PR because the heat is not really affecting you and you feel great. Those guys are lying on the side of the road vomiting at mile 16 (not fun).
  9. HAVE FUN! You’re running slower than normal so this is your chance to high five the kids, have a conversation with someone, kiss a girl from Wellesley (if you’re a guy running Boston).
  10. Last but certainly not least pray your guts out that your body will be able to make the necessary adaptations for you to make it through the conditions that you are in.

From the Blogger:  Thanks Danya for sharing these awesome tips.  We appreciate your love for running and enthusiasm for our running community.  – Joe


One comment on “Running 26.2 miles in over 80 degrees

  1. Reblogged this on runninaftersmoke and commented:

    This year’s Boston Marathon could be another high heat race. Be prepared. Thanks Danya

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