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Overcoming A Runner’s Secret Fears – part 3

More thoughts on the things that come up on a runner’s journey and how I deal with them…

Teeth and claws

A friend of mine, who is a trail runner, once passed by a mountain lion that was crouched behind a bush, living in southern California.  Hmm… so I had to ask my friend: did you regularly go for runs in a wildlife and game preserve?


Outdoorsmen wisely remind themselves of the potential encounters with wildlife on their outings. Runners, beware of what might be sharing your route. If you are visiting an unfamiliar location, it would be worth your time to talk with the local people about the terrain you’ve chosen for your run. Trusted friends and relatives are great sources to learn from about the wildlife in their area.

***Avoid situations where you might cause wildlife to feel trapped or threatened by your presence. Most wildlife such as mountain lions can sense your presence long before you see them. So, one great suggestion I’ve heard is to be loud while in their territory, just to give them that extra edge in sensing me there. I always try whistling or talking aloud along the way in hopes that I will be able to eliminate the situation where the dangerous animals have to react out of surprise. I just want them to have plenty of time to slowly move on their way.

Maybe you’ve heard advice such as make yourself look as big as possible when you encounter a wild animal. If you are familiar with the comedian Jim Gaffigan, you might have heard his sketch on avoiding bear attacks. Jim questions who came up with the idea to lay down and play dead? The bears?

You might consider Google-ing how to avoid such attacks, especially if you live in wildlife prone area. What are some of the suggestions you’ve heard about avoiding the risk of an animal attack on your daily runs?

***Disclaimer: These cases may be more complicated than they appear. This information is in no way intended as professional advice on how to avoid animal attacks. Each encounter with animals and wildlife is different, and the application of what is contained on this blog site requires each person to carefully analyze their situation and handle those situations according to his or her own judgment. The information contained on the blog site is for general information and educational purposes only. This information is not legal advice or is not guaranteed to prevent


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