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Overcoming A Runner’s Secret Fears – part 4

Here’s a continuation of my blog series of things that come up on a runner’s journey and how I deal with them:


Have you ever had that feeling as you set out on a run that you might not have enough steam to make it all the way there and back? You know what I’m talking about – running out before running all the way back. Running out of energy the last few miles and being forced to walk, instead of run, back is never the plan but it IS a real possibility if you don’t pace yourself.

I know personally that I dread those long runs where I started out too fast at the beginning only to discover towards the end of the run that I was inadequately prepared with proper hydration and/or nutrition. My advice is to start out your longer runs at a slower pace. Slower at first may yield faster at the end. Another piece of advice is to visit websites that offer ways to be properly hydrated and fueled for longer runs. One of my favorite sites is Runnersworld.com.

What are some ways you manage your long runs?


Running, like many sports, can be plagued with injuries, exhaustion, queasiness/nausea or other discomforting feelings no one wants to have. I’ve dealt with my share of maladies. To be honest, it hurts after I run. My legs and knees ache a lot for a day or two after my long runs. Sometimes it is difficult to walk, and especially painful when I have to climb stairs. One of my fellow running mates commented on how he becomes nauseated on his half marathon races. Frankly, compared to the comfort of my home, running has to appeal to a different part of my psyche or I just wouldn’t do it.

Overcoming these obstacles is often both emotional as well as mental. Sometimes, the success of overcoming them is part of the reward.

Facing and overcoming challenges is how we move forward, and why we have so many notable sayings and motivational quotes available to us. Some of my favorite ones include:

  • The hardest part is staying out the front door
  • Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started
  • Real athletes run others just play games
  • My feeling is that any day I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy

Have that conversation with yourself. Ask yourself, “what might be secretly keeping me from getting out there?”


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