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My Next 5K PR? Haggen to Haggen 2013

haggen to haggen 5k
My Next 5K Race was the “Haggen to Haggen” The start was at the south end of Bellingham at the Sehome Haggen store and the course zig zagged through the streets of Bellingham to the north end Meridian Haggen store. There’s a good mile at the beginning of the course that is downhill. It was my hope that this would afford me the opportunity to use less effort to accomplish the faster pace I needed to help me PR.
As I was driving towards the race venue, I noticed that I had forgotten my Garmin wristwatch. That meant that I would not have it to gauge my running pace. I would have no way of knowing if I was on track for running the quicker pace that I was gunning for.
I found the freedom from the Garmin watch enjoyable. I was able to enjoy the exciting of the anticipation of the race as we seeded ourselves at the starting line. After the race started and we were jocking for positions on the streets, I could hear the other runners watch beep at them. That’s when it dawned upon me that those beeps made for great indicators for me to attempt to pick up my pace.
Right when I was feeling good about my race pace at the midway point, on avid runner that lives in my neighborhood cruised right past me with a very comfortable pace. I’ve seen this guy on this pace pass me at several races before. This guy is going to be my new target. I will train to reach his pace and watch for him in future races.
In the end I time chipped in at 22:59 which calculates to a 7:25 per mile. My PR still stands at 22:33 from the December 2012 5K Race.
The post race refreshment area was HUGE. Haggen had arranged for so many company’s to giveaway samples of their healthy snacks and drinks. I filled a grocery bag full of various items and then caught the shuttle bus back to my vehicle. It was a great day for a race.
How about you?  What do you look forward to that’s in your near future?  Something that might make you a little excited, nervous?  Go to: Leave a Reply… and tell me about it.


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