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Running 26.2 miles in over 80 degrees

This year’s Boston Marathon could be another high heat race. Be prepared. Thanks Danya


ImageDanya Crawford – ran the Boston Marathon on April 16, 2012 with a finishing time of 3:21:00
“I don’t blog and very rarely post on Facebook but I ran a marathon today, the temperatures were in the high 80s the entire time. I feel like it would be fun to share what I learned, so for all you runners out there here are the things I did and as a result had a really good time.” – Danya
  1. Hydrate and consume more salt then usual the couple days before the marathon.
  2. Adjust your goals pick another race a few months down the road and use this one as a training run.
  3. Adjust your pace, I went just over a min slower than race pace and it felt really good.
  4. Walk through EVERY water stop and consume a little Gatorade and water. P.S when you feel like the Gatorade is going…

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