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BBM 2014 finish

  • Joe Franzen manages “runninaftersmoke.
  • Joe is Kelly’s husband since 1984. They have 4 children.  The two oldest children are married. Joe and Kelly have 2 grandchildren.  Joe is a 51 year old guy who started long distance running in 1999, but due to relocation to Chiangmai, Thailand for a 5 year stint between 2000-2005 shortened his distances and dedication until returning to the US.
  • By locating & clicking FOLLOW, you will soon discover that Joe is about humor, dedication, health, camaraderie, fitness, and loves his family, running, the sport of mixed martial arts and other typical guy stuff.
  • In May 2009, Joe started working at the Barlean’s Organic Oils, LLC in Ferndale, Washington.  He works in the Sales/Customer Service office along with 15 other co-workers in the call center and over 120 employees in other departments.
  • You will discover that Joe will post on this blog once he reaches a passionate level of understanding on a issue involving health nutrition, running, participating in marathons half-marathons and his “bucket list” item: an Ultra Marathon & a triathlon.  He will also post articles pertaining to MMA fighters, and ideas for their health and nutrition.
  • Why do you think Joe bothers with blogging?  Who knows the real reason, but be assured Joe really values comments from his readers, so why wait…Follow “runninaftersmoke” and leave some comments on the posts.


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